National Theater Conservatory, Acting Training Program

The Second City, Chicago, Training Center & Conservatory

Florida Atlantic University, Professional Actor’s Training Program

Columbia College of Chicago, School of Fine and Performing Arts, Acting

Stunts/Stage Combat
Society of American Fight Directors
-Fight Master David Woolley, Stunt Coordinator Michelle Ladd & Various SAFD
(Unarmed, Rapier/Dagger, Cloak, Quaterstaff, Small Sword, Sword & Shield, Broadsword, Knife, Whip, Sword Throwing & Catching)

Acting Instructors
-Sheldon Patinkin, CCC, Steppenwolf Theater & Second City Director 
-Jeff Ginsberg, CCC, Steppenwolf Theater Professor
-Tony Church, Royal Shakespeare Company
-Estelle Kohler, Royal Shakespeare Company
-Bill Homewood, Royal Shakespeare Company
-Archie Smith, mentor Michael Chekhov
-Henry Godinez, Goodman Theater Chicago Director
-Larry Hecht, National Theater Conservatory Chair of Acting 
-Steve Scott, Goodman Theater Chicago Director & Associate Prod.
-Gary Logan, Academy of Classical Acting Director
-Bridget Connors, Linklater/Voice/Shakespeare Specialist
-Meade Andrews, Alexander Technique/Movement Specialist

Second City, Chicago Improv Instructors
Marty De Matt, Brian Posen, France Callier, Anne Libera, Mick Napier,  Norm Holly, Jim Zulevic