2 Households, 2 Assholes: Shakespeare's R&J Romeo, Nurse Off Broadway, Soho Playhouse
Romeo & Juliet Tybalt Chicago Shakespeare Theater
Hamlet Hamlet Griswold Theater
The Princess Bride Westley Chicago Storefront Theater
Aven'U Boys Ed Chicago, Circle Theater
Romeo & Juliet Paris Virginia Shakespeare Festival
Action Movie The Play Pike Calypso Chicago, Defiant Theater
Romeo & Juliet Sampson Chicago Shakespeare Theater
Sci-Fi Action Movie In Space Prison Smack Donavan Chicago, Defiant Theater
Twelfth Night Antonio Chicago, Getz Theater
Antigone Haemon Griswold Theater
West Side Story Action Griswold Theater
Romeo & Juliet Escalus/Peter Theater at the Center
Journey of the Fifth Horse Pandalevski/Bizmionkov Griswold Theater
Xena Live! Amazon Chicago, About Face Theater
Macbeth Murderer #1/Messenger Chicago, Defiant Theater
Three Penny Opera Street Singer Griswold Theater
Guido’s Academy of Theatrical Swordplay Swordsman Chicago, Hyatt’s ShakesPier
Over the Topp Gunn Improv Olympic, Chicago
E-xplosion The Second City, SkyBox, Chicago
Domino FX Duncan Theater