Nathan’s Kingdom Moon and Back Films, LLC
Searching For Fortune Distant Thunder Films, LLC
Broken and Outcast Cicadidae Productions, LLC
Banshee Cinemax
Mendoza Cicadidae Productions, LLC
Smily The Slug RedLaw ENTMT., LLC
I’m the Dog a George Wells Film
Wander Woman Tyler Evans
Flux Mac Grant
53:1 a Munoz & NOW Production
The Houses October Built Uncanny Films, Inc.
Bipolar Films, LLC
The Gadarene Swine I & Y Productions, LLC
Love Makes No Sense S.Moon & HopHop Productions
Some Times Pretty Girls Let One Slip LA Comedy, LLC
Hollywood or Bust BBC
I Am The Dog A George Wells Film
Bug Charmer
Thor (Dir: Kenneth Branagh) Asst. MoCap Stunt Coord. Giant Studios, MoCap Dir, Michelle Ladd
Invictus (Dir: Clint Eastwood) Asst. MoCap Director House of Moves, MoCap Dir, Thomas Williams